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Dr. Deniz Öcal Kaynar

Dr. Deniz Öcal Kaynar

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DentSpa Oral and Dental Health Clinic

General dentist
2019 – Present, İstanbul/Turkey

Acıbadem Kadıköy Hospital

General dentist
2014-2019 İstanbul

Beautiful Hew Dental Clinic

General dentist
2012 – 2014, Busan/ South Korea

Ünsal Dental Clinic

General dentist
2006-2012, İzmir/Turkey

Sun Dental Clinic

General dentist
2004-2006, İzmir/Turkey



GAZİ University Faculty of Dentistry

Master of Science in Dentistry
1999-2004, Ankara/Turkey


Attended Vocational Education, Training & Conferences

  • Turkish Dentists Association (TDB) 11th International Dentistry Congress, 06/2004
  • Straumann Dental İmplant Systems Application Course, March 2005
  • Turkish Dentists Association (TDB) 12th International Dentistry Congress, 06/2005
  • Agean Dentists Chamber International Scientific Congress and Exhibition, 09/2005
  • Agean Dentists Chamber International Scientific Congress and Exhibition, 06/2006
  • Kuraray Dental ‘Adhesion&Esthetics’ Symphosium, 11/2006
  • Turkish Dentists Association (TDB) 14th International Dentistry Congress, 06/2007
  • Izmir Chamber of Dentistists “Innovation and Esthetical Approaches in Implantology”, 03/2008
  • Agean Dentists Chamber International Scientific Congress and Exhibition, 05/2008
  • Maximum Dental Seminar Series “Rotary Systems and Endodontic disinfection” seminar & Hands-on Course, 05/2009
  • Turkish Dentists Association (TDB) 16th International Dentistry Congress, 06/2009
  • Straumann İmplants Advanced Course for Dentists, 10/2009, Basel, Switzerland
  • Straumann Scientific Meeting, 12/2009
  • Turkish Dentists Association (TDB) 17th International Dentistry Congress, 06/2010
  • Agean Dentists Chamber International Scientific Congress and Exhibition, 10/2011
  • Ege Bölgesi Dişhekimler Odası Uluslararası Bilimsel Kongre ve Sergisi, Ekim 2011
  • Volunteer work for dental service to mentally disabled, 05/2011
  • ITI Izmir Study Club Meetings, 2011
  • Turkish Dentists Association (TDB) 19th International Dentistry Congress, 06/2012
  • Roberta Pileggi Endodontics seminar, 09/2012, Busan, South Korea
  • YESDEX Yeongam İnternational Scientific Congress and Dental Exhibition,11/2012, Busan, South Korea
  • 17th APEC Scientific Congress of Asia Pacific Endodontic Confederation,03/2013, Seoul, South Korea
  • AMED Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentisty meeting and scientific session, 10/2013 Tokyo, Japan
  • Dentsply Academy Restorative Endodontics Education, 11/ 2014
  • Composite Restorations Courses With Engin Taviloğlu, 12/ 2014,10/ 2015,03/2017
  • CADA Cerec Study Club Educations 2016,2017,2018
  • DSD (Digital Smile Design) Concept Hands-On Course 03/ 2016
  • Digital Dentisty Congress 11/2016



  • Turkish Dentistry Association (TDB)
  • DSD (Digital Smile Design) Team Member


As your dentist, I always try to fuel the self-confidence and quality of life for all,
full circle.

Creating smiles! Seeing someone else smile makes me smile especially when
they haven’t in a long long time! One of my favorite feelings.
I aim to achieve the esthetic and oral well-being that you desire through
technical excellence and superior skills while respecting your time, comfort and
peace of mind.

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