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Procedures such as a root canal & crown, extraction & implant, and bone graft/sinus lift normally take 3-5 visits. We can do it in one!

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We take pride in explaining to our patients the status of their dental health. We guide you in developing an effective treatment plan.

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Our clinic is located in one of the most populous and well-known locations in Istanbul in Şişli - Fulya.
  Highly-educated Turkish qualified doctors and friendly team
Dentists and staff speak more than 3 different languages
  Our priority is giving high-quality and efficient dental care.
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The most qualified, skillful and professional staff.

Focused on You.

A dental practice focusing entirely on YOU!

At Dentspa, we offer a comfortable and soothing spa-like environment where our esteemed patients can benefit from world-class general and cosmetic dental treatment under one roof.

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Feel free to bring a friend or family member to potentially stressful visits.


What information do I need to Provide for Booking an Appointment?

We only need your full name and your phone number. Our patient care team will call you to book an appointment at the time of your convenience. Alternatively, you can set the appointment time yourself when you book an appointment with us through our website.

I feel nervous when I am alone. Can I bring someone along with Me?
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What will During my First Checkup Appointment?

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Please call    + 90 850 255 88 88  if urgent. Your personal case manager will ensure that you receive the best possible care.

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The most qualified, skillful and professional

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