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Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns :: would you find a person with crooked, stained or missing teeth attractive? Not at all! Because teeth are the most critical aspect of your smile and personality. Stained, rooked or missing teeth are actually the worst enemies of your smile, and your success. In fact, research has shown that people who have a beautiful smile are more successful in life and have longer lasting relationships.

If you’re also concerned about the your cosmetically damaged teeth, then you don’t have to worry, we have the perfect solution to restore your smile with DentSpa Crowns.

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a cap-shaped structure which is placed on the visible surface of a damaged or cosmetically broken tooth to restore its esthetics and function; so basically, any tooth that needs protection should get a crown.

Who Can Benefit from DentSpa Crowns?

At DentSpa, we recommend dental crowns for the correction of following restorative or cosmetic dental problems:

Dental Crowns

Grossly Damaged Teeth

Teeth which have poorly become worn out because of cavities, or as a result of direct trauma should be reinforced with dental crowns.

Permanent Teeth Stains
After Root Canal Treatment
For Teeth with Developmental Defects

However, we don’t Recommend Just any Crowns!

Gone are the days when dental crowns were made through by making impressions gooey materials. These impressions were then formed in the dental laboratory after a series of very complicated steps which carried a massive margin for error.

Nowadays, we live in a digital age. We no longer have to take replicas with gooey materials. Instead, now we’re using the state of the art CEREC technology, which is being by dentists worldwide to prepare esthetics and durable veneers highly, and crowns.

We don’t treat your teeth, but we also change your lives!

How are Crowns Prepared at DentSpa?

First, we will prepare your tooth to which the crown will be attached. Afterward, we will record the shape and size of your teeth by using highly specialized intra-oral digital cameras and use them to prepare a digital design of your crown by using the CAD CAM technology. We will then insert this digital design into a milling machine which will carve out an accurate and precisely fitting crown made from blocks of porcelain or zirconia.

Here’s another cool feature of our digital cameras! With our digital intra-oral cameras, you can see in real-time what we’re doing on your teeth. So, you will be aware of each step that is taking you towards your dream smile. So, you’re in charge of your treatment at all times.

So, How is CEREC Technology Better than Conventional Methods?

Here’s are some of the incredible benefits of the CAD-CAM technology we use at DentSpa:

  • Precision and FinenessThere is no more human error, as all is done through computers and automated machines.
  • You’re in Charge You have a say in the design process, whether you want the crown to be whiter, bigger or smaller as you see fit for your teeth.
  • Same Day ResultsWith our CEREC technology, there is no more need to wait for days to get your crowns. We will design and prepare them for you in a matter of hours!
  • Superb Esthetics with CEREC technology, there is no need to add metal. While metals crowns are strong and durable, even a thin layer of metal visible under the crowns gives an extremely unsightly appearance. Our newer crowns are made from E-max porcelain or Zirconium (Which is stronger than metal but possesses excellent esthetics).

We offer three different types of crowns at DentSpa, the Zirconia, Emax and the porcelain crowns. Our dentists will recommend the type of crowns which will be best for restoring your smile after a clinical examination, and after an assessment of your esthetic needs.

Now apparently you might be asking yourself “Why DentSpa?”
While you can get crowns anywhere in the city, here is what sets us apart:
  • A team of ExpertsEach case is diagnosed, planned and treated under the supervision of five dentists who are experts and D. holders in their fields. So, you’re in capable hands with us.
  • DentSpa Smile design – At DentSpa, we use state-of-the-art software to imitate the exact shape, color and function of natural teeth, so that your new crowns or bridge would appear and feel just like you were in the smile design
  • The Power of CADCAM technology – CAD CAM is all but a guarantee of accuracy and longevity of your crowns.

We Guarantee you!

At DentSpa, we guarantee you a lifetime longevity of our crowns, which goes to show you how confident we are of our work. We also ensure that you will surely be happy with your smile once we restore them with DentSpa crowns. Not only this, we also guarantee you that we will give you the best price considering the quality of treatment and state of the art services we offer.

This is because we not just treat your teeth, will change your life!

So, don’t miss your chance of dazzling your friends and loved ones with your new smile. Book an appointment with our dentists today and drive away with a beautiful smile.

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