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Dental Bridges

If you have missing or decayed teeth, there are four types of dental bridges that your dentist may recommend

DentSpa Bridges

Missing teeth is no fun. Just like life becomes incomplete with a missing limb, losing one or more of your natural teeth can create significant problems for you.

First, missing teeth take away your self-confidence. People with missing teeth feel shy of smiling in public because they are afraid of showing their missing teeth. Also, because of tooth loss, teeth neighboring the missing tooth gap move inward and create spaces, further ruining your appearance.

Secondly, missing teeth significantly reduce your ability to eat and speak. Now, this might not seem very dangerous, but losing your ability to chew and digest food can actually prove to be life-threatening because of poor nutrition and overall health. So, the longer you have missing teeth, higher the chances of deterioration in your physical health.

Most importantly, when you lose a tooth, the surrounding bone starts to degrade at an accelerated speed. Due to this, premature signs of aging become visible on the face because of the appearance wrinkles and creases on the skin. So, it's important that you should get your missing teeth replaced immediately.

If you’re also missing one or more of your natural teeth, then don’t worry. DentSpa has the perfect best solution for replacing your missing teeth. We offer you a reliable and cost-effective option for replacing your missing teeth with DentSpa Bridges.

What are DentSpa Bridges?

A dental bridge is fixed prosthesis which consists of 3 or more crowns that are joined together to replace missing natural teeth. The crowns at either side of the bridge rest over the adjacent natural teeth or implants on both sides, which provide support and retention.  Dental bridges are one of the most reliable and durable methods for replacing one or more missing teeth as they offer good chewing and speech efficiency.

Who Can Benefit from DentSpa Bridges?

Our dentists at DentSpa use bridges to treat a variety of dental problems:

Replacement of Old Denturesif you are not satisfied with the fit or esthetics of your removable partial dentures, then you will undoubtedly benefit from DentSpa bridges which will not only restore your looks and smile but also improve your ability to eat and speak.

Missing Tooth Replacement A DentSpa bridge can be used for replacing up to 3 or 4 adjacent missing teeth. We also use DentSpa bridges to replace multiple missing teeth which are supported with an implant.

For Tooth Replacement with Implants when one or more missing teeth are replaced with implants, DentSpa bridges are used as false teeth which are attached with the implants to restore the missing tooth gap.


How are DentSpa Bridges Prepared?

At DentSpa, we don’t just offer you any bridges. DentSpa bridges are prepared by using the state of the art CEREC technology which ensures that not only will your bridges have a lifelike appearance, but they will also perfectly fit over your teeth and restore dental function and speech capability. So, here’s how we will give you the smile of your dreams with DentSpa Bridges:

Consultation and planningwhen you will come to us with your cosmetic concerns, our dentists will carefully examine your teeth and evaluate whether you are a suitable candidate for getting DentSpa bridges. They will also discuss the different types of bridge materials available at DentSpa and recommend the one which best suits your dental health and cosmetic needs.

Tooth Preparation in the next appointment, we will prepare the supporting teeth for placing the DentSpa Bridges. After tooth preparation, we will make digital impressions of your teeth with the CEREC machine. Digital prints are not only very accurate, but they also save you from the inconvenience of physically making an impression of your teeth, a process which is disliked by virtually all patients.

Preparing Naturally Beautiful Bridges for you in the next step, we will insert the digital impression of your teeth into a special software provided with the CEREC machine. This software allows us to fabricate extremely precise and well-fitting bridges. Not only this, but the CEREC system also allows us to exactly match the color of your Dentspa bridges with your neighboring teeth so that when we are done replacing your missing teeth, even you will not be able to distinguish between your natural and artificial teeth.

Attaching the DentSpa Bridges once we receive your bridges back from the lab, we will first try them on your teeth without cement them. Once you are happy with the esthetics, function, and fit of your bridge, we will permanently cement it to the supporting teeth.

That’s it. It’s time to show-off your brand-new smile to your friends and relatives.

Why is DentSpa the Best Place to Get Dental Bridges?

Now, you might wonder why you should DentSpa for getting your teeth replaced with bridges? It’s a logical question. Here are a few reasons why getting your treatment done at DentSpa is such a good idea:

Individual and Personalized Dental Treatmentat DentSpa we believe in providing high-quality dental care to our esteemed patients in a comfortable environment. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced dentists who specialize in different fields. When you come to us for any treatment, our team of dentists will evaluate your case and prepare a treatment plan which is completely customized according to your needs. So, you can rest assured that you’re in capable hands with us.

State of the Art Technologyat DentSpa, we combine the superb clinical skills of our dentists with the latest technology modern dentistry has to offer. This allows us to provide unmatched cosmetic and restorative dental services so that you can you can enjoy a beautiful and a permanent set of teeth.

We Guarantee youwe also guarantee you that you will be pleased with the outcome of your treatment once we are done.

So, you have different options to choose from. However, rest assured whichever type of bridge material you want; your bridges will have lifelike esthetics and superior function and durability.

A beautiful smile awaits you at DentSpa. So, take your first step towards a confident and attractive smile with DentSpa Bridges. Book an appointment today and leave the rest to us.

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