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We love our children, and we go to great lengths to make sure that they remain healthy and happy. However, one of the aspects that are often overlooked by many parents is their dental care. Many parents might think “these are only the milk teeth. They will be replaced with the permanent ones soon!” This is an extremely dangerous assumption. The fact is that your child’s milk teeth need the same care as the permanent ones.

Why is it Necessary to Look After your Child’s Milk Teeth?

Now, let’s look at why your child’s teeth are so precious:

Pediatric Dentistry Department

Milk Teeth are Placeholders

Milk teeth serve as placeholders for their permanent counterparts. If the milk tooth is lost prematurely due to cavities or infection, the neighboring milk teeth gradually creep into the gap. As a result, the permanent tooth either erupts at an abnormal position, or it fails to erupt completely. If this happens, you will need to invest time and money to bring the tooth into position with orthodontic or surgical treatment.

Learning to Eat and Speak
Physical Health and Wellbeing
Learning Good Habits

From the above discussion, as parents, we should take good care of your child’s teeth. Apart from regular brushing and flossing, another critical aspect of your child’s dental care is regular dental checkup visits. Unfortunately, many children are afraid of going to their dentist. Read more here

Pediatric Dental Services at DentSpa

What if you could take your child to a dental practice which has a separate section for taking care of pediatric dental needs? Yes, it's possible. At DentSpa, we provide specialized pediatric dental services for our little champs! Not only we make sure that your child will love the environment of our practice, but our friendly dentists and staff members will make sure that he or she enjoys every part of the dental checkup.

What Services are Offered by DentSpa?

Let’s look at the range of pediatric dentistry services offered by DentSpa:

  • Preventive Dentistryat DentSpa, we believe in preventing dental problems before they require treatment. Therefore, we will examine your child’s teeth at every checkup visit. We also provide fluoride therapy, which is one of the best methods in preventing teeth cavities. Moreover, if our dentists feel that your child has a propensity for getting teeth cavities, we will apply dental sealants on the back teeth so that the milk teeth remain protected.
  • Restorative Pediatric Dentistryour dentists at DentSpa will try their best to prevent your child’s teeth from extraction. in case your child has developed teeth cavities, our dentists will restore the damaged teeth with suitable filling materials. Don’t worry; our dentists are trained in providing painless treatment to your child in a soothing and relaxing environment.
  • Root Canal Treatment at DentSpa, we believe in preventing each tooth from extraction. This why our dentists try to salvage even the most badly damaged teeth with a root canal treatment. However, there is no need to worry; this will not be the traditional root canal procedure which many people are afraid of. We will make sure that this will be a painless, rather enjoyable
  • Space Maintainers and Preventive Orthodontics – At DentSpa, our philosophy is to prevent dental problems before they cause permanent damage and require treatment. Space maintainers are appliances placed inside a gap created by a lost milk tooth. The space maintainer prevents the surrounding teeth from moving into the gap and allows uninterrupted eruption of the permanent successor tooth. Not only this, our dentists will carefully monitor your child’s milk teeth, and if they feel that your child is developing abnormal habits like thumb sucking or tongue thrust, they will utilize various treatment options to help your child in preventing orthodontic problems by overcoming these habits.
  • Myofunctional Orthodontics we also use Myobrace, a revolutionary orthodontic treatment option which harnesses your child’s growth pattern to correct various orthodontic problems. We also take pride in being the first dental practice to offer Myobrace in Turkey. Since the Myobrace system is utilized during the early years (3-15 years), the need for wearing braces later in life is often eliminated. The Myobrace appliance works by removing the factors, such as abnormal dental habits which cause misalignment of the teeth and then ensuring healthy growth and development of the jaws and facial bones. Read more here.
  • Dentistry for Kids with Autism and Down’s Syndromewe understand that it is a challenge for parents to get treatment for children with Autism or Down’s Syndrome. These children require extra care and individual Keeping this in view, our dentists at Dentspa have acquired training in providing dental care to pediatric dental patients with special needs. So, you can rest assured that your child will get the possible attention under the supervision of highly qualified and trained staff.
  • Treatment Under General Anesthesia for extremely apprehensive children or cases where more extended procedure have been planned, our dentists may choose to provide treatment under general anesthesia. For this purpose, we have partnered with a fully equipped partner hospital to provide all the medical services during the procedure.

Why DentSpa?

Here are a few reasons why DentSpa is the best place for your child’s dental care:

  • Not Every Practice is Equipped for Pediatric ServicesNot every practice is equipped in taking care of your child’s dental needs. However, at DentSpa, not only we have trained staff, but we also have state of the art equipment to take special care of your child’s dental health.
  • Your Child will Love it! – At DentSpa, we have taken great care to design the pediatric dentistry department so that children love being there. We have friendly staff members who will welcome your child into the department. While waiting for a consultation with the dentist, your child can play in our fully-stocked, purpose-built play area for as long as they want. They can even watch their favorite cartoon shows while they are being seen by our pediatric dentists.
  • Unmatched Expertisewe also take great pride in the fact that we have a dentist team member who has a PhD in pediatric dentistry. So, you can rest assured that your child is in safe hands with us!

We all love the adorable and lovely smiles of our kids, and we want to retain them for a lifetime.

At DentSpa, we make that possible for you. Simply make sure to take care of your child’s dental health and visit us for pediatric checkups regularly. That’s all you need to ensure that your child enjoys good dental and physical health throughout life.

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