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About Us

Nature has gifted us with two beautiful sets of teeth for a reason. They make us look beautiful, and they also help in eating and speaking. Therefore, not having all your teeth can directly affect our dental health and physical wellbeing.

Our Mission 

At  Dental Center DentSpa, we don’t only treat teeth, but we also change lives by giving our esteemed patients the smile of their dreams, in a relaxing and soothing environment with affordable fees and the promise of lifetime loyalty to our customers.

Imagine a place where you could leave all your worries and anxiety behind? When you walk through the door of DentSpa, you will exactly feel this way! On first glance, you can tell that it is not an ordinary dental practice. DentSpa gives you with a spa experience while getting your dental treatment done in the most luxurious and pampering way possible. DentSpa has given an entirely new definition to dental spa treatment by not just treating your teeth, but by providing the highest level of care and comfort so that you can truly enjoy your time spent with us.

Our practice is indeed a spa-environment where our esteemed customers, will not only relax and get away from their busy lives, but they will also get world class cosmetic and general dentistry treatment, all the while sitting in a comfortable and luxurious environment.

When you enter our doors, you will be greeted by our friendly team members, who will make sure that you rest comfortably while you wait for a consultation. We have a specially designed waiting area which is nothing short of a luxury hotel or spa, where you can relax while listening to music, glancing through a magazine or watching your favorite movies on the TV.

Esthetic Dentistry

You will enjoy an even better experience when you meet our dentists in the treatment room. Our operatory rooms are specifically designed to give you a soothing and calming feeling, right from the moment you take your first step inside. While our dentists are taking care of your teeth and smile most gently and painlessly, you will be enjoying your favorite movie on the TV, or listening to soothing music, all the while being mesmerized by the beautiful and luxurious interior of our operating rooms! So, let go of your fear of surgery and enjoy, because we will make each visit a memorable and pleasurable experience for you.

At DentSpa, we realize that parents often find it difficult to get the dental treatment done for their children. This is why we have a fully customized and dedicated play area and treatment room for children. Our dentists and dental team members are trained in providing gentle dental care to the children so that they remain no more afraid of dental treatment. Even if you’re children do not need treatment, send them to our fully stocked play area, where they will play while you enjoy some relaxing spa and dental treatment.


Perfect Smile 

At DentSpa, we are not just a luxurious dental spa center, but also take pride in having the most qualified and trained dentists in town! All of our dentists are PhDs in their respective fields of specialization who have extensive experience in providing you with topnotch dental treatment, right here in the heart of Istanbul!

At DentSpa, you can get a celebrity smile design with at our department of cosmetic dentistry under the caring and capable hands of our qualified dentists. If you need getting your teeth restored, our experienced dentists from the department of restorative dentistry will use tooth colored filling, which will perfectly blend with your natural teeth. In case your child needs treatment for misaligned or crooked, our orthodontists will offer the best treatment option which best suits your child’s needs.

This is not all! We also guarantee you that we will provide you with world-class treatment, combined with the highest level of comfort there is to offer. To offer affordable dental care for everyone, we have designed our treatment prices very carefully so that patients from all socio-economic groups can afford our services.

Indulge yourself in the luxuries of life and pamper yourself a bit! Why not combine your vacation with some spa and dental treatment? Turkey is undeniably one of the best tourist attraction as it offers breathtaking beauty along with a mix of history and rich culture.

So, why wait? Book a consultation appointment with us today and let us take make sure you have an enjoyable experience.


Our Aim 

We aim to provide the highest quality dental and acquire the most prestigious international certifications and accreditation's while becoming the best dental service provider in Turkey. We are also striving to open 10 branches in a period of two years so that our Turkish and international patients can benefit from our world-class services.

Please send your request to Contact us . A DentSpa representative will get back to you as quickly as possible.


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