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Digital Smile Design

“What I see … What I want”

A Digital Smile Design is one of the most precious assets you can own. A beautiful smile makes you look younger, healthier and attractive. Unfortunately, crooked and stained teeth tend to ruin your smile and personality. Not only this, crooked and chipped teeth also indicate an underlying problem with your dental health. In addition, the damaged and fractured teeth also make it difficult for you to maintain optimal oral hygiene, which ultimately results in a decline in your physical health and well being.

So, what is the Solution?

if you are concerned about your cosmetic dental problems and would like to get a smile makeover, then a digital smile design is the perfect solution. But don’t just go for any smile design! At DENTSPA, we offer you the state-of-the-art digital smile design technology which is powered by Dental GPS.

Why should I have DENTSPA smile design before preparing my teeth?

There are numerous smile design technologies used by dentists throughout the world. Unfortunately, the problem with that technology is that you can only see the results of these smile makeover procedures after they have been completed. What if you could see the accurate final results of your smile makeover, right even before your treatment starts? Yes, this is possible, thanks to the revolutionary Dental GPS technology used at DENTSPA. So, before you even commit for a Hollywood smile makeover, our dentists will show you how your teeth and smile will look once your cosmetic treatment has been completed.

What if I make a Hollywood Smile WITHOUT DENTSPA Smile Design?

If you go for a Hollywood smile makeover without DENTSPA digital smile design, you will have no idea how your smile will look like until all the cosmetic procedures have been completed. Unfortunately, at this stage, if you’re not satisfied with your new smile, you would have to again invest time and money in getting it restored according to your desire, and even then, you don’t know how beautiful your smile be. So, by getting a digital smile design at DENTSPA, you are actually eliminating the risk factor. “what you see in the smile design…... is what you will actually get”

How accurate are the final results comparing with the DENTSPA smile design on my photos? 

At DENTSPA, we use Dental GPS for a digital smile design. The patented algorithm of Dental GPS allows for a designing a smile makeover which has been fully customized according to your aesthetic needs, but it also ensures that your teeth remain in perfect occlusion and harmony. Not only this, the software is designed in such a way that your photos you see in the digital design exactly match with your actual smile and appearance after getting your Hollywood smile.

What is required from me to get my smile dental smile design on my photo? 

Getting a smile design at DENTSPA is really easy. We just need one recent digital photograph (which will be taken by our trained staff) and an x-ray image of your teeth. This is all we require from you, and the rest will be done by us.

Can I get my dental smile design even if I am in a different country or city? 

Of course, you can! You can discuss your cosmetic dental problems with our dentists through online consultation, and then you can send us a digital photograph and a digital x-ray of your teeth. Now, leave the rest to us. You will be amazed at the results of your smile makeover.

How you can Get a Smile Makeover at DENTSPA?

When you visit us for a dental smile design, our dentists will perform a clinical examination and discuss various cosmetic options with you. Once you, in consultation with our dentists, decide that a cosmetic smile makeover is the right option for you, we will make digital photographs of your face and make x-ray images o your teeth. This information will then be fed into a powerful and revolutionary software called “Getur smile”, which will help our dentists in designing a customized treatment plan. At this stage, we will also show you a digital preview of how your smile will look after treatment. Once you are happy with the outcome, we will make a 3D digital impression of your teeth to design the prostheses such as crowns, veneers, and bridges which will be used for giving you a Hollywood smile.

Why Choose DENTSPA for Smile Makeover?

At DENTSPA, our first priority is our esteemed patients. Our dentists are highly trained and experienced in performing all types of cosmetic and general dentistry procedures. Therefore, you are in safe hands with us! Not only this, Our CEO Dr. Ahnaf Aljajah, is the master licensee of Dental GPS technology and international trainer on this unique technology.

Dental GPS is the only technology that guarantees the accurate conversion of the digital design to reality, so you enjoy and get exactly what you see. Together with Getur smile, we offer a powerful package for giving you the smile of your dreams. So, what’s stopping you? Visit us today or book an appointment with our dentists and take your first step towards a charming and attractive dental smile at DENTSPA.

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