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Optimizing Gingival Esthetics

When it comes to giving you the smile of your dreams, we don’t only focus on your teeth. Instead, we believe that “a smile is half white and half pink.” Therefore, an attractive smile requires a perfect harmony between your teeth, gums and facial features. You may have a beautiful set of teeth pearly white and perfectly aligned teeth, but you may still miss that beautiful smile Have you ever wondered why? It’s because of your gums!

Unfortunately, when there is a problem with the gums, it will show right through your smile. So, if you wish to have that Hollywood smile, then don’t make the mistake of thinking that you only need to get your teeth restored. The appearance, shape, and color of your gums are equally important in determining how pleasant you look when you smile.

Some of the esthetic problems associated with the gums include:

Gum inflammation

This is a condition where the gums appear red and swollen and bleed easily. This is not how you want your gums to look when you smile.

Gum enlargement
Gum recession
Gum Pigmentation

Untreated gum inflammation and other gingival problems are the direct cause of periodontal disease, which is one of the common reasons for teeth loss. Not only this, gum enlargement or recession invites food particles and bacteria, which are easily trapped under the enlarged gingival tissue, and the situation is further aggravated. This goes to show you that treating your gums is not only for aesthetic reasons; it could also save your teeth from loss, and even your life! Research has shown that bacteria from and plaque and tartar deposits on teeth and gums can enter the heart and may result in dangerous cardiac conditions. Also, if these bacteria enter the lungs, it can result in severe respiratory problems.

Now, you can understand how important it is to look after the health and appearance of your gums.

However, worry not! DentSpa is here to solve your problem.

First and foremost, we will remove the cause of the problem. Next, you might ask “but what about my smile? That is what I care most about, how do we fix that?”.

At DentSpa, we are a team of expert dentists employ various options to restore your gingival esthetics.

Gummy smile

Here is where technology comes in play. We will use individual lasers used to reshape the gums so that your facial esthetics is restored. Don’t worry, the lasers are safe, and the procedure is entirely pain-free.

Treatment of Gum Recession

If the problem is gum recession, then we will restore the length and appearance of your gums with a gum graft.

Pigmented Gums

For lightning the shade of pigmented gums, we use Lasers, which direct a small, focused beam to the gum tissues.

So, what do we offer at DentSpa, you say?

Gum treatment is an art, and we have some of the best and highly qualified dentists in town who will give a smile you always wanted. Here is what you get with DentSpa gingival esthetic treatment:

  • Our expert panel of dentists comprising of 5 incredible well-trained dentists and specialists will analyze and diagnose your problem and then prepare a treatment plan that aims not only at maintaining the health of your gums, but also restoring their perfect shape and appearance.
  • Cutting edge laser technology, using the most advanced laser systems to make the process quick, painless and efficient.
  • DentSpa smile design powered by the Dental GPS software. We will digitally design every aspect of your smile, including the gums and facial features. Our patented Dental GPS software will allow you to see you how you will look even before your treatment starts.
  • If required, our expert and experienced surgeons with advanced degrees will provide treatment of gum recession.

At DentSpa, we not just treat your teeth and gums; we change your lives. We guarantee you that you will love the results after we have restored your dental and gingival esthetics. Not only this, you can also benefit from our limited time offer.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit us today and let us revamp your smile, the way you want it to be!

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