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Clear Aligners vs Orthodontic Braces

Gone are the days when you would have to wear wire-and-bracket braces for a whole year or more, just to get a better-looking smile. Today, you can get straighter teeth without having to go through conventional orthodontic treatments. Clear Aligners have paved the way for patients who wish to correct their crooked teeth, without compromising the aesthetics of their smile in the process.

Clear Aligners are an alternative to orthodontic treatments when it comes to mild and moderate dental mal-alignments. The procedure is fairly straightforward; instead of using brackets and metal wires to force teeth into new desired positions, custom-fabricated transparent plastic trays are used to achieve the same results. They work by pushing the crooked teeth into straighter, more aesthetically pleasing positions without ever revealing themselves. Made using high-quality clear plastic, they remain completely invisible to the untrained eye even when the patient smiles, eats, or speaks.

It is important to understand that Aligners can never completely replace conventional orthodontic treatments. This is because the applications of both procedures are completely different from one another – while aligners only fix crooked teeth for aesthetic purposes, braces are meant to correct a number of issues such as:

– Jaw rotations and relation.
– Spacing and crowding of the arches.
– Improper bite and overjet.
– Diastemas (gaps between teeth).
– Midline corrections.
– Retained or over-erupted teeth.
– Excessive forward or backward positioning of the front teeth.

Therefore, the application of conventional orthodontic treatment is functional, as well as aesthetic, while that of Aligners is aesthetics alone. The latter can however, give patients a complete smile makeover when there are only mild to moderate dental mal-alignment present. They are easy to use, easy to clean, and must be worn for at least 22 hours every day for desired results. The clear trays are changed every two to three weeks to accommodate the new positioning of the teeth, and to further force them to the final positions.

If you want your teeth to look flawlessly straight, but don’t have the patience to opt for braces – give us a call to book an appointment with the leading cosmetic dental experts in Turkey today, only at DentSpa!

How do Clear Aligners work?

Many different advancements in the field of dentistry have revolutionized the way surgeons plan treatments today – one of these is the introduction of Clear Aligners, a technology that combines the very best of cosmetic and orthodontic procedures.

In a nutshell, Clear Aligners are currently the best alternative to braces for mild to moderate dental alignment issues. It is common knowledge that while conventional orthodontic appliances offer outstanding result in correction of various irregularities dental and skeletal irregularities, they demand a great deal of commitment from patients. Especially when additional appliances are involved, patients often have to put up with getting used to having objects bonded to their teeth, gag reflexes, staying away from certain types of food that can damage or break brackets, and of course the feeling of being labelled ‘metal mouth’ throughout the course of the treatment. Therefore dedication and effort on the part of the patient is crucial for the success of a conventional orthodontic procedure.

Clear Aligners on the other hand were introduced to make life easy for patients who want nothing more than to have a fabulously straight smile.

Some of the most prominent features of this treatments are:

– Easy to use transparent plastic trays which snugly fit on to the teeth of the upper and lower dental arches.
– They can be easily removed when the patient wishes to eat, or brush teeth, and replaced back into the oral cavity.
– 100% non-toxic, non-irritant, biocompatible and non-allergenic.
– They are fabricated in a way that the edges of the plastic trays never irritate the soft tissues around the teeth.
– Custom plastic trays are replaced once every 2-3 weeks as teeth continue to change their positions throughout the treatment.
– May take 8-12 months to correct mild to moderate dental mal-alignments
– Aligners must be worn for 20-22 hours a day for the treatment to work efficiently
– 3D intra-oral cameras are used to take images of the upper and lower teeth prior to the treatment – thus eliminating the need to use gag-inducing impression materials
– Patients can view the progress of the treatment through monthly updated clear images on computer screens
– Clear Aligners guarantee a straighter, more aligned, picture-perfect smile.

At DentSpa, we use only the most sophisticated equipment, and internationally recognized result yielding solutions to give our patients the care that they deserve. Book your appointment to experience the difference today!

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