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Preventive Orthodontics Myobrace


At DentSpa, we not only provide relief for dental problems by treating the symptoms. Instead, we go one step further and address the underlying issue. That is why the American Association of Orthodontists and our dentists recommend that parents should bring their children for an early orthodontic consultation, no later than age 7, if they notice any problems with the alignment of their teeth or developing jaws.

Why do Orthodontic Problems Occur?

Did you know that every three out four children have crooked teeth or improperly aligned jaws? While many people think that misaligned of the teeth occurs primarily because of genetic reasons, latest research has shown that orthodontic problems like the incorrect alignment of jaws and other orthodontic problems like tooth crowding and spacing arise because of strange dental habits which the child picks up during childhood.

Which Childhood Habits Can Cause Crooked Teeth?

Some of the strange dental habits which result in orthodontic problems include:

  1. Mouth breathing – this is a condition in which the child breathes through the mouth instead of the nose. This problem usually arises due to chronic obstruction of the nose. Mouth breathing results in misalignment of the teeth and irregular growth of the jaws.
  2. Tongue Thrusting – this is a habit in which the child tends to push the front teeth and jaws in a forward position. This results in the lower and upper front teeth becoming excessively protruded or angulated. If the problem is left untreated, front teeth remain visible even when the mouth is closed, since the upper and lower lips cannot seal the mouth completely. This not only causes esthetic concerns but can also expose these teeth to higher chances of developing cavities or gum problems.
  3. Thumb Sucking – this is another problem in which the child continuously uses a thumb for sucking, even after the milk teeth have erupted. As a result, the teeth appear protruded, and there is a visible gap between the upper and lower front teeth and the lips when the back teeth mate together. Once again, this habit can cause significant dental cosmetic and functional problems.

What Happens if These Habits are Not Treated Timely?

We all know that habits learnt during childhood and early teenage become a permanent part of life. In the same way, if abnormal dental habits are not treated in time, they can result in permanent damage to the teeth, the jaws and facial bones.

  • Cosmetic Effectsthe habits of tongue thrusting, thumb sucking or mouth breathing can permanently alter the facial features, which can have a direct effect on your child’s appearance and personality.
  • Mouth Breathing and Dental Problemsresearch has also shown that children who develop the habit of mouth breathing tend to have higher teeth cavities and gum problems. This is when they breath through the mouth, the front teeth become dry due to air flow. As a result, the saliva is unable to provide its protective effect, leading to cavities and periodontal issues.
  • Malnutrition when your child has an orthodontic problem, he or she will not be able to chew and digest food properly. If the problem is not corrected timely, this can lead to malnutrition, slow growth and development, and severe deterioration in your child’s physical health.

So, What’s the Solution?

As parents, you’re among the first ones to find any problems with the alignment of your child’s teeth or jaws. If you observe any question, don’t panic, and bring your child to us for an early age preventive orthodontic consultation. In most cases, these problems can be easily diagnosed and treated at a young age, before they can cause permanent damage. At DentSpa, we use the revolutionary Myobrace preventive orthodontic system for addressing orthodontic problems at an early age (3-15 years), where they are much easier to treat.

What is Myobrace?

Myobrace is an orthodontic system which is correcting aimed at correcting improper myofunctional habits in children which can cause tooth misalignment by ensuring that the child learns correct dental habits. Manufacturers of Myobrace also offer an educational program for the kids, Myobrace Activities, which are performed twice a day while wearing the Myobrace. These activities consist of various breathing, tongue, lip, cheek and swallowing exercises.

How Does the Myobrace System Work?

During your child’s treatment, we will use a series of Myobrace appliances which must be worn for one hour in the day and throughout the night. The procedure is divided into four stages:

Stage 1 Habit Correction

This is the first stage of treatment with Myobrace in which is designed to teach your child the correct technique of breathing through the nose, resting the tongue in proper position and learning the correct way of swallowing.

Stage 2 Arch Development

This stage is initiated when the child is seven years or older. We will prepare Myobrace appliances such that they will exert force in the required region and correct the deformity. For example, various appliances are available for use with Myobrace which help in widening very narrow upper or lower jaws.

Stage 3 Dental Alignment

We will start this treatment stage when all of your child’s permanent teeth have erupted. We will give your child Myobrace for teens who will gradually align the teeth into optimal occlusion and angulation.

The prosthesis will be designed according to the In case further tooth alignment is required; our dentists may sometimes use braces. However, they are needed for a very short duration as most of the tooth alignment has already been brought about by the Myobrace.

Stage 4 Retention

By the end of the 3rd stage of treatment, your child’s teeth must already have been optimally aligned. In the retention stage, we will make sure that your child maintains good habits, and the teeth do not move back into their previous position. However, parents should make sure that their children wear the aligners as instructed by our dentists to obtain optimal results and excellent dental health.

Here’s how your treatment will progress:

  1. Booking a consultation with our panel of expert dentists.
  2. Recording your child’s study models and digital impressions.
  3. Our dentists will prepare an in-depth treatment plan.
  4. Regular appointments for a checkup.
  5. Retention.
  6. Follow-up visits.

You can learn more about the steps of your treatment here.

What are the Benefits of Myobrace?

By now, you must be wondering “why should I chose Myobrace for my child?”. Here are a few reasons for you:

  • Complete Treatment Packagemost orthodontic systems are aimed at to treat the symptoms only, but not the Myobrace. With this system, we will identify the underlying orthodontic problem of your child and treat it accordingly. So, The Myobrace system provides a more efficient method for correction orthodontic issues.
  • No Need for Bracesif treatment with Myobrace is initiated at an early stage, most orthodontic problems can be corrected without the need for wearing braces.
  • Optimal Results the Myobrace system utilizes the growth process of your body to redirect facial muscles and bones to develop in perfect symmetry and harmony. So, this treatment protocol is as close as you can get to nature. No, side effects, no risk of complications!

Myobrace offers a simple, efficient and natural method for correcting tooth misalignment in children. Don’t let your child because of your teeth, as they will not negatively impact your child’s facial esthetics but also the dental and overall health. So, take the first towards a risk-free guaranteed orthodontic treatment option with Myobrace.

Visit us today and let our experienced and highly qualified dentists take care of your child’s orthodontic problem.

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