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Dental Laser Treatment

Dental Laser Treatment

Dental Laser Treatment

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Dental Laser Treatment

Research has shown that many patients avoid dental treatment just because of they afraid of the needles and sharp instruments used by dentists. They would rather bear the agony of a toothache or an infection than to dare step foot into a dentist’s office. At DentSpa, we want to change this perception about dentistry altogether. That is why we are introducing painless and comfortable dental treatment with lasers.

At DentSpa, we use dental lasers as a part of our minimally invasive dental treatment approach. This implies that our treatment protocols are designed in a way that we ensure minimal sacrifice of healthy tooth structure and other tissues during treatment. Dental lasers comprise of a very thin, focused and concentrated source of light energy which is used by our dentists for performing precise, highly accurate and painless dental procedures.

What are the Uses of Dental Lasers at DentSpa?

At Dentspa, we use dental lasers to perform the following minimally invasive dental procedures:

Dental Laser Treatment

Treatment of Gum Problems

Many patients are afraid of undergoing surgical procedures because they are afraid of the scalpel. To eliminate this, we use the dental lasers, which not only ensure painless re-shaping or re-attachment of the gums back to their position, but they also produce minimal bleeding and scarring.

Tooth Sensitivity

Smile Design

Teeth Whitening

At DentSpa, we use a tooth whitening formula which uses a special laser light to enhance the speed and efficacy of the bleaching agent. Not only this, but laser-assisted teeth whitening also ensures that the teeth do not become sensitive after the procedure.

Painless Treatment of Tooth Decay

How are Lasers Better than Conventional Dental Procedures?

Precision and Accuracy

Dental lasers provide superior accuracy and precision in comparison to conventional surgical instruments.

Minimal Bleeding

When lasers are used, there is minimal bleeding from the gums and other oral soft tissues. Therefore, sutures are not commonly required.

Antibacterial Action

The energy generated from the lasers kills the harmful bacteria residing inside the oral tissues. As a result, the need for antibiotic prescription following treatment is minimized. Not only this, but the chances of re-infection are also significantly reduced.

No Pain and all the Gain!

Perhaps, the most significant advantage of dental lasers is that the dental procedures performed with them are entirely painless.

Improved Healing

Another benefit of the lasers is that they only remove the damaged tissues. As a result, healing of the tissues is accelerated, and scarring does not take place.

Apart from these, we also use for performing every day dental procedures such as:

  •   Gum surgery.
  •   Wisdom tooth removal.
  •   Treatment of ulcers.
  •   Cleansing of root canal.
  •   Treatment of temporomandibular joint disorders (TMDs).

Why DentSpa?

At DentSpa, we have a team of dentists who have been trained in performing dental procedures using lasers. Therefore, we assure you that you are in safe and capable hands with our dentists. Also, we guarantee you that our dentists will make sure that your dental procedures with lasers are entirely painless, comfortable. While we treat your dental problems, you can enjoy our world-class dental spa environment and get rid of your worries. When you walk out of DentSpa, you will not only be a proud owner of a beautiful set of teeth, but you also be feeling much relaxed and confident.

Whether you need therapeutic dental treatment, or you’re seeking celebrity smile design, dental lasers will be an integral part of your treatment. So, are you ready for the quick and painless dental procedures with lasers? Then visit us today and let us transform your smile and personality, the way you want it to be!

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