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Same Day Dentistry

Let’s look at what same day dentistry has to offer at Dentspa

Can you imagine going to work with a missing or a chipped tooth? In today’s modern and fast-paced world, your smile and personality matter a lot! A charming and attractive smile not only gives you an edge at your workplace, but it also makes you look friendlier and more approachable! If you’re not happy with your smile or appearance, Dentspa gives you a fantastic opportunity to get your dental treatment done in a single day.

We understand that you have a busy schedule, that is why we provide you premium services on a priority basis. Right from the moment you step into our office, we will make sure that your treatment is done as soon as possible. If you are an eligible candidate, our dentists will fix your dental problems in just one day. Whether you need your teeth replaced with dental implants, teeth whitening, or you need a Hollywood smile, our state-of-the-art dental technology, and an experienced dental team will ensure that your dental needs are taken care of in just one visit.

Same Day Dentistry at Dentspa

Let’s look at what same day dentistry has to offer at Dentspa:

Same Day Implants

Getting your missing teeth replaced with conventional dental implants can take 4-6 months before you can smile again with confidence. This is not acceptable for many people, especially those who have to deal or interact with people in their professional capacities, like bank managers, executes, salespeople or customer care representatives. Therefore, Dentspa offers you to get your missing teeth replaced in a single day with immediate implants.

In case of the conventional implants which require 4-6 months before a crown or a bridge can be attached to it. However, in most cases, our dentists can replace your missing teeth with immediate implants in a single day! This means that if you are a suitable candidate for getting immediate implants, we will place the implants and connect the prosthesis immediately after we have inserted the implant into the jaw bone.

Same Day Celebrity Smile

Getting married, or going on a date? Don’t worry we have got you covered! In most cases, our dentists may give you a celebrity smile in just one day. We offer a complete package in which we will give you a smile you have always dreamed off.

For selected eligible patients, we will restore the damaged teeth with beautiful and natural looking E-max veneers. At Dentspa, we use the latest CEREC omnicam technology to digitally design and prepare your veneers. Our best dentists and laboratory staff will dedicate their time and attention, just for you to give you a Hollywood smile. We also understand that the shape and appearance of your gums also directly affects your facial esthetics. In some cases, our dentists may choose to perform cosmetic procedures on the gums to enhance your smile and overall appearance. We may also use fillers in some cases to enhance the beauty of your lips and facial features.

When we’re done, we guarantee that you will be amazed at the result Read more here

Same Day Smile Design

Do want to see how you will look before you commit to a getting a celebrity smile makeover? By using cutting edge digital technology for designing your smile, we will show you exactly how you will look and smile after the cosmetic treatment. Not only this, we will do this for you in just one day in most cases! You don’t even need to visit us. Just send us a picture and an x-ray, and we will take care of the rest. We will use our patented Dental GPS technology to prepare a digital smile design for eligible cases, while making sure that it not only gives you a breathtakingly beautiful smile, but we will ensure that your teeth remain in perfect alignment and harmony when we are done. All that in just one day for our selected few patients!

Same Day Orthodontics

Gone are the days when you had to wait for many days, even weeks before you got your first set of orthodontic aligners. At Dentspa, we use state of the art technology to minimize the time required to start your orthodontic treatment. Thanks to our cutting edge CEREC technology, we will make a digital impression of your teeth in a matter of minutes. Then our team of highly experienced dentists who are Ph.D. holders in their respective dental fields including orthodontics, will digitally analyze your teeth and bite to design a set of Dentspa Clear Aligners. We will then use 3D printing technology to fabricate your aligners on the same day. So, in most cases, our patients will get a set of invisible aligners in just one day , and they will be one step closer to a healthy and beautiful smile.

Same Day Teeth Whitening

Do you have an important meeting in an hour, but you’re worried about coffee stains on your teeth? Don’t worry, most of our patients can get rid of your teeth stains with our professional teeth whitening services, and that too in just 55 minutes. At Dentspa, we use the globally famous zoom whitening formula which guarantees to reduce the shade of your teeth by eight times! Whether you have coffee, tea or tobacco stains on your teeth, we will get rid of them for you. Read more here

At Dentspa, the comfort and convenience of our patients are our priority. Our same day services are exclusively designed for people who seek premium quality dental services provided in a single day and are willing to pay higher rates. We understand that you cannot wait for many days to get a Hollywood smile makeover. Therefore, when you opt for our same day dentistry services, you will become our only priority for that day, and we will make sure that when we’re done, you have a perfect set of teeth and a smile to be proud of!

Why Dentspa?

Now that you’re ready to get your teeth straightened with DentSpa Orthodontics, the next thing which would come to your mind would be “why should I choose Dentspa for getting my teeth replaced?”. It’s a very logical question. Here are a few reasons why Dentspa you should be your first choice for getting a brand-new smile with dental orthodontics:

Experienced and Qualified Team

at Dentspa, we boast a highly qualified team of dentists which has extensive experience in dental implantology. Most of our dentists are PhD holders who are working at Government teaching hospital and universities. Therefore, you are in safe hands with our team.

Unmatched Expertise
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